Your water may be contaminated!

The water that reaches your home might be putting your family's health at risk!
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Do you trust your water?

The water that arrives ready for consumption in our homes cannot be ingested directly.
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When in doubt,

The return on your investment is guaranteed!

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Choose the best Acqualive for you
Smart Filters of gravity with several liters and sizes, to drinking fountains, for use in the sink, shower and health care.

Ionized Water
We are passionate to study deeply about water, alkalinity, and negative PRAL so we can deliver the best filters to our customers and their families. With Ionized Alkaline Water you can help or facilitate your immune system, bone health, hydration, and digestive system.


Boost Your Immune System with Ionized Alkaline Water.

– Removes Toxins
– Delivers Oxygen
– Rinses Nasal Passages
– Washes Away Germs
– Increases Metabolism

Bone Health

Keeps the body from pulling calcium from bones.

– Rich in Minerals
– Bone Strengthening
– Delivers Nutrients
– Helps with Bone Density
– Reduces Bone Resorption


Up to 6 times more since it reaches cells at a cellular level.

– Better Skincare
– High Cleansing Power
– Stronger Nails
– Super Hydration 6x more

Digestive System

pH is a key factor in knowing which hormones to activate.

– Eliminates Impurities
– Reduces Stomach Burns
– Helps with Acid Reflux
– Proper Bowel Movements

# What People Say About Acqualive
around United States
In many moments during the day, we need to look out for our skin and health

Alkaline water from Acqualive filters is the best choice for your health! Lyoto Machida, UFC World Champion. Kim, conductor of the White House and more than 6 million people around the world no longer have any doubts about how to improve their health and quality of life through Acqualive Smart Filters. And you? What do you need to be part of this movement towards healthier people? If you still have doubts, check out the testimonials of more happy customers with the transformation that Acqualive provides.


The new generation of smart filters.
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The new generation of smart filters.
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