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It is very common to have doubts before purchasing any product. It would be no different with water filters. There are countless brands and companies, as well as countless models and promises. There is so much information that it is difficult to be sure of making the best decision. But from the moment you truly get to know Acqualive, you understand that the brand's purifiers are the best choice.

What if we told you that the water you're drinking is contaminated, harmful to your health, and detrimental to the environment? What would you do? Our goal is to assist you and as many others as possible in achieving better health, improved quality of life, and overall well-being. How can you reach a point where you can find an easy way to improve your health? The reality is that what we've discovered is life-changing and easy to incorporate into your daily routine, which is why it will work for you.

Each person is responsible for their own health and longevity. We are here to provide you with all the information you need to create the life you desire through better health, achieving a balanced, long-term lifestyle. Currently, there are regions in the world known for their superior health and longer life expectancy, such as the Himalayan mountains, Sardinia, Italy, Lourdes, France, and certain areas in Japan. What do these places have in common? Access to pristine water. Water that is free from plastic residues, chlorine exposure, possesses high hydrating capabilities, and is alkaline for the body.

Now, why is this important? Consuming genuinely alkaline water can enhance your focus, boost your energy levels, reduce stress, and, most importantly, reduce inflammation within your body. But what if you live in America? How can you access this scarce perfect water that is found in limited regions worldwide? Well, we at Acqqualive have thought about that. Our aim is to replicate this perfect water so that everyone, regardless of where they live, can have access to it within their homes and even provide it for their pets. The truth is, incorporating alkaline properties into your diet, just like with vegetables, blueberries, and fish, along with consuming true alkaline water, can significantly benefit your body and improve your overall performance.

That's the key: ensuring you're getting genuinely alkaline water backed by nutritional expertise, as this is what will truly benefit your body, rather than settling for something that merely claims to be alkaline. Get to know our Smarth Filters Acqualive developed by Triway Technology and face the best version of your water.


A water filter must excel in three categories:

- Particle Retention
- Free Chlorine Reduction
- Bacteriological Efficiency

In this first test, most products fail or do not completely meet the needs. All Acqualive purifiers have passed the most rigorous tests by the competent bodies, achieving the title of maximum efficiency in the three items above.

What does that mean? That when drinking Acqualive water you can be sure that you are consuming something safe and healthy, without taking any risks with ineffective methods. When using filters and purifiers that do not have maximum certifications, you have a false sense of security, thinking that the water you are consuming is pure, when, in fact. It's just slightly better than the regular one.

ATTENTION! Many filters, such as reverse osmosis, can completely purify the water, but eliminate the good things in it, such as minerals and antioxidants. Pure water is important, but you don't want dead water!

More than pure, alkaline

Some water treatment processes can acidify it and most are unable to increase the pH naturally or, when they do, it is only for a few days. Alkaline water is directly and indirectly responsible for helping to prevent serious illnesses, as these illnesses tend to settle in an acidic environment.

Acqualive, in addition to purifying, mineralizes the water with alkaline minerals, which increases the pH naturally, in the same way that happens in nature. The enrichment of water with minerals occurs through ion exchange, that is, the water is transformed.

There is no point in being alkaline without alkalizing power.

The negative PRAL, known as alkalizing power, is responsible for maintaining the properties of water even after ingestion, that is, it guarantees that the effects of the high pH will continue to occur for longer, thus delivering all the expected benefits.

Below you will find a comparison between common filters and Acqualive to better visualize the main differences between the two devices.


Acqualive ionized alkaline water purifier

  • Filters water
  • Maximum efficiency in purification
  • Enriches with minerals
  • Significantly reduces pesticides
  • Completely transforms the water

Common purifier

  • Filters water
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X

Say goodbye to endless plastic bottles!

Bottled water may seem like a healthier alternative, but the truth is that it is not suitable for you.

Problems with storage and transportation, plastic contamination, questionable origin, etc., are just some of the problems you can face when drinking from water gallons.

Have you ever stopped to think about how annoying and complicated it is to carry bottles and bottles home or arrive in the middle of the night and discover that the water has run out and there is nowhere to buy it?

Acqualive has a system that guarantees the greatest practicality and access to the best glass of water in the world, 24 hours a day. Furthermore, Acqualive's liter of perfect water can be up to 66% cheaper than regular bottled water.

Acqualive Ionizer FilterBottled Mineral Water
Capacity (l)ValuesValues
Liter Value 1st SemesterValuesValues
Liter Value 2nd SemesterValuesValues
Cost 1 year/monthValuesValues
Cost 1st year (L)ValuesValues
Cost 2nd year (L)ValuesValues
Cost 5 yearsValuesValues

Still have questions about whether Acqualive is the best choice?

In order to give our customers peace of mind that they are making the best decision when purchasing an Acqualive, Therefore, we want to present some reports and studies that prove the information provided, everything that has been said so far about the health benefits of Acqualive's ionized alkaline water. and mainly, about our exclusive water transformation system.

We want you to make the decision to purchase an Acqualive with certainty and security. Therefore, we recommend that you access all of our scientific evidence by clicking here, as more important than stating what we do is proving that you can trust our work.

Don't delay, click here and discover the best Purifier model for your home or office and start drinking the best glass of water in the world.

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