As we know, consuming the wrong beverages increases the risk of chronic diseases, it also leads to asthma and obesity. It significantly reduces IQ, energy levels, and mood, speeds up the aging process, and negatively impacts your fitness. We were shocked to discover the extent of contaminants, including BPA and plastic residue, in our supposedly clean drinking water and the alarming rise in diseases affecting our loved ones.

That's when we decided to take a stand and scour the world for the perfect water for human consumption, and we found it. Our mission is to bring health and well-being to everyone, including our furry friends. We aim to make a positive change in people's lives through the simple act of consuming water, which is the essence of life. This led us to develop an exclusive technology we call Triway.

Triway Technology ensures that you have access to the perfect water for human consumption. To achieve this, we replicate the natural processes of the Earth by enriching our water with essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium while maintaining its alkalinity.
Our technology transforms water through a robust process, providing up to six times more hydrating power

Whether you need water for your morning coffee, a protein shake, work, or cooking dinner, you can trust that you have the best option with Smart Filters Acqualive. We firmly believe that making the switch to our water promotes positive lifestyle changes, including better dietary choices, increased physical activity, and an overall boost in happiness. After all, our bodies are composed of 70% water, with our brains being 84% water.
Higher-quality water can significantly boost energy levels, enhance mood and focus, and, most importantly, reduce inflammation within the body.
After years of studies and research in laboratories, we developed Triway technology to enable improved health for everyone in the simplest way possible, starting with your water.


We transform your home's tap water, eliminating dozens of physical, chemical, and biological contaminants.

Three out of 4 American cities have their water contaminated far above the allowable limit. The most common elements are:

— Chlorine
— Fluorine
— Heavy Metals

— Viruses & Bacterias
— Physical Contaminants
— Agricultural Poisons


Research &


of Water
Lab Tested


Our filters replicate nature's wisdom.

Eliminates Impurities - The water passes through the filtering wall in microporous ceramic material that retains solid particles and impurities a thousand times smaller than a grain of sand (1 micron).

Eliminates Bacterias - The colloidal silver bath applied to the inner wall of the element eliminates bacteria and microorganisms from the water.

Removes Chlorine - Activated carbon is responsible for the high efficiency in reducing odors and chlorine present in water, in addition to reducing heavy metals and trihalomethanes.

Ionizes & Increases pH - An ion exchange process enriches the water with oxygen and raises the pH to 9.

Reduces Oxidation (ORP) - Ion exchange eliminates toxic chemical impurities. In addition, it produces a negative charge, lowering the ORP of the water, which contains considerable amounts of electrons to help fight free radicals.

Magnesium & Negative PRAL - A powerful combination of rare minerals enables ionization to reduce PRAL, giving water its unique alkalizing power.


Patented & Certified

We are passionate to study deeply about water, alkalinity, and negative PRAL.


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We are recognized as one of the references in water purification and transformation in all its essential characteristics, bringing innovation and scientific evidence all the time together with the most advanced technology, especially in studies corresponding to negative PRAL.

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