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Do you trust your water?

The water that arrives ready for consumption in our homes cannot be ingested directly, as it may still contain a series of potentially dangerous elements such as chlorine, pesticides, bacteria and plastic.

Although chlorine is necessary and must be present in the water up to the tap, it must be eliminated before drinking and bathing.


Is buying bottled water the solution?

Bottled water brings with it some risks, the most dangerous being BPA - Bisphenol A and BBP - Phthalates, both known as endocrine disruptors, which can cause serious hormonal disorders. Furthermore, no one likes paying a lot to have to carry dozens and dozens of small bottles.

Bottled water also poses a serious problem to the environment, as only part of the waste is recycled.

Regular filters help, but don’t resolve everything

The majority of common filters help in the water purification process, but that's all it is, an aid. They were designed to clean the standard water that sanitation companies provide, but in most cases they are not capable of eliminating current contaminants, much less improving it.

The fact is that Acqualive, in addition to having excellence in terms of water treatment, transforms water so that it is perfect for your health. No other product has similar technology.

Which purifier would you choose?
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Acqualive Ionized Alkaline Water Filter

  • Filters water
  • Maximum efficiency in purification
  • Increases the pH, making it alkaline
  • Enriches with minerals
  • Significantly reduces pesticides
  • Completely transforms the water

Common Filter

  • Filters water
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  • X
  • X
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What makes Acqualive’s filters so special?

By analyzing how nature filters water to make it perfect in natural environments, Acqualive was able to replicate, almost perfectly, all steps of the purification process.

Through years of research and investment in studies and evidence, we have reached the ideal stage of water transformation to be able to offer you and your family health through our purifiers.

The Secret of Acqualive - TriWay Technology

- More Magnesium for you water
A unique combination of rare and essential minerals, including magnesium (considered the mineral of life)

- Perfect Wsyrt Without Unpleasant
Tastes and Odors Filtration stage with exclusive ULTRAFINE activated carbon

- Ultra Protecion Against Physical
Contaminants Filtration pores smaller than most known bacteria, which prevents solid waste from passing through


These characteristics, combined with the exclusive TriWay filtration process, with ion exchange, mean that Acqualive is capable of delivering water with ideal characteristics for health!

And that's not all! The filter elements of Acqualive purifiers have a great difference compared to the vast majority of competitors: The anatomical structure of the filter and the filtration time make the process much more efficient. It may seem impossible, but the path that the water takes in the Acqualive treatment is much higher than the standard of common filters. That's why the system delivers high-quality water through drips, as it travels much further than traditional filters, even those that use ceramic filters.

There is no quality hydration and purification with high flow rates. The longer the water spends in contact with the filter elements, the higher the quality of the treatment.

Exclusive Technology

  • pH Level over 8
  • Antioxidant
  • Magnesium

Evidence that highlights all of Acqualive’s quality

In order to give our customers peace of mind that they are making the best decision when purchasing an Acqualive filter, we selected some reports and studies that prove the information provided about the benefits of Acqualive's ionized alkaline water and our exclusive water transformation system.

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