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Water Filter Acqualive V Self 6L
Acqualive's hot seller: the V Self 6L Water Filter & Purifier! This water filter is the best alternative to pitchers and other filtration systems, such as Reverse Osmosis. With its TriWay technology, in addition to deep and comprehensive purification, you also get a filter...
Water Filter Acqualive Terracota 6L
The brand's most desired product, with a vintage design and retro style, Terracota Water Purifier matches all decorations, it is the true evolution of clay filters, combining tradition and exclusive technology. A purifier that leaves water pure, alkaline, rich in magnesium, free of chlorine and...
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What is water pH?

13 Sep 2023


A man measuring pH of water

pH means hydrogen potential (amount of H + protons), which indicates the acidity, neutrality, or alkalinity of an aqueous solution.

The pH of 7 means neutrality. 

pH less than seven means acidity, and the lower the pH number, the more acidic the solution. The pH is measured on a logarithmic scale, which means that decreasing the pH by 1 point makes the solution ten times more acidic. That is, a solution with pH 3 is ten times more acidic than a solution of pH four and 100x more acidic than a solution of pH 5, 1000 x more acidic than a solution of pH 6 and 10,000 x more acidic than a solution with pH 7.

 When the pH is above 7, the solution is called alkaline. A pH ten solution is 10x more alkaline than a pH nine solution, 100x more alkaline than a pH eight solution, and 1000x more alkaline than the neutral pH seven solution.


Importance of Drinking Alkaline Water

 Did you know that the pH of the water you drink makes a lot of difference when it comes to health? And besides hydration, high pH water has many benefits for your life?

It is vital for our bodies that the fluids we drink are alkaline and rich in minerals. When our body generates energy, it consumes electrons, producing an acidic residue (excess of protons H +). Our body needs to eliminate this excess acid.

Find out how this is possible, and how ideal water can give you a much better quality of life.



Water purity is related to the absence of contaminants, being the leading cause of disease.

Check out the primary contaminants of water:

  • Chlorine;
  • Fluorine;
  • Heavy metals;
  • Xenoestrogens;
  • Organic compounds.

The filtration process is a predominant factor when it comes to getting the ideal water for health because the water quality is entirely different between the methods. Filtering with ceramic candles, colloidal silver, activated carbon, distillation, reverse osmosis, and purification leave pure water, but there are two that are unfit for human consumption: distilled and reverse osmosis.


Alkaline pH

Understand what the pH of water is and how it works in your body

Every time I drink a liquid with a pH lower than my body’s pH, it will have to make a small effort to accommodate this pH. The pH has a logarithmic scale, and if I take a liquid with a pH of 5, it is 100x more acidic (with more significant hydrogen potential) than blood.

 As we get older, we get acidic. The young and the newborn are alkaline. The elderly are acidic. The more acidic substances we ingest, the worse for us. Example: for cancer to develop, it needs an acidic environment. Blood with a pH of 7.45 contains 65.9% more oxygen than blood, with a pH of 7.3. As I increase my alkalinity in the body, I raise my oxygen concentration. When the pH drops below 7.27, there is a 100x increase in the stimulation of bone destruction, which promotes osteoporosis.


Curiosities about water pH

 Acidosis is one of the causes of osteoporosis. Taking very acidic liquids (sodas, for example) creates a metabolic situation in our body that stimulates bone loss. In Japan, two hospitals work with Functional Water in Disease Treatment. This water has the pH considered ideal, which is the pH between 9 and 10.



Reduced Redox

What is Redox- An oxidation-reduction (Redox) reaction is a type of chemical reaction that involves a transfer of electrons between two species.

 Antioxidant water is what protects our body against free radicals, which are related to various diseases and aging.

 This is measured by Redox, which is the redox power of water. Water can be oxidizing or antioxidant. If you take an electron out of a structure, it will look for another electron and become oxidizing. On the other hand, if I have an electron-donating substance, it’s an antioxidant.

 There is a device that measures water in mV. For a liquid to be antioxidant has to have an ORP, a reduced Redox. It’s is rarely found unless one goes to a mountain or a spring where there is no contamination.


ORP - (negative): antioxidant. Ionized Alkaline Water.

ORP + (positive): oxidizing agent: purified water, distilled water, deionized water, reverse osmosis filtration are highly oxidizing.

 Water eliminates toxins and is frequently favorable. The water being negatively charged gathers the positive particle and takes it away. This is why negative water is also fundamental.


Good conductivity

When drinking water that is completely free of minerals, conductivity is compromised. Minerals are required to give conductivity. If the person slows down, slows down, slower thinking, there may be a mineral deficiency. The reasoning is an electrochemical mechanism that needs to be driven.

The TDS meter measures the number of solid particles in water. Ideally, take a liquid that has> 100ppm (particle per million) of minerals, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium. These are diluted elements that will function as ions to make conductivity.

Distilled water is 0ppm and does not have the necessary minerals. If there is no mineral needed, it is extracted through the bones, and then osteoporosis occurs.

The purified water that is distilled, deionized, or filtered through reverse osmosis should not be ingested. Overall, soda water is purified, and one of the major problems is that it develops osteoporosis.

Purified water acidifies the body steals minerals and has reduced hydration power. Due to minerals falling into the ground, the waters get weaker as the minerals begin to be removed.


Low Surface Tension

The Acqualive Filter transforms high surface tension water to low surface tension water, which makes it extremely hydrating.

The lower the surface tension, the better. By nuclear magnetic resonance, it is possible to determine the binding of water. In hexagonal form, it is ideal as it has six molecules. Cluster with more than 11 water molecules have significate larger surface tension and does not hydrate properly. Ionized Alkaline Water has less surface tension and therefore is more hydrating.

Now that you know the characteristics of high pH water. Check out the filter that will ensure you drink alkaline water and bring much health to your life.


Who Knows Approves

From high-performance athletes seeking better performance to health professionals who recommend their patients, water with alkalizing power is already part of the lives of thousands of people who, like you, are seeking a better quality of life, health, and longevity. Healthy. Meet now some people who indicate alkaline water. 

“Water is not simply an odorless and tasteless liquid. It is a factor that directly influences food preparation. Fast food is the set of characteristics of everything that was used in the preparation. It is best to use ionized alkaline water so that it does not negate the benefits of the food that has been prepared. ”

Paloma Tusset, Nutritionist


“A child is totally alkaline, and an old one is acidic. We get acidic over time, and all degenerative and chronic diseases, including cancer, only manifest in acidic environments. If you want to improve your body's environment, the first step is to alkalinize it with ionized alkaline water. ” 

Marco Marcondes, Nutrologist


“The effect of alkaline water on your body is almost immediate, on average, 3 weeks to start feeling the changes. You get better sleep, lose weight, have less mental confusion, improve eyesight, improve attention, brain processing increases. ”

Henri Castelli, Actor


Satisfaction Guaranteed

That's it, we have so much confidence in our products that we are free to give up on dissatisfaction shopping within 90 days. If you buy one of our filters, use it daily, and you are still not satisfied, we will refund your money in full. Plus, of course, you have a 12-month warranty on manufacturing defects.


Alkaline Water Filters

Meet the Acqualive filter lines, designed to meet the most diverse audiences and needs. Several models are ranging from bench systems to filters for continuous flow. The entire line turns tap water into the ideal water for your health, i.e., alkaline and ionized. Click to learn about our filters.

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