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The perfect water: Alkaline Ionized Water

03 Oct 2023

When you feel thirsty, what option do you use to hydrate yourself? Usually, due to our frantic pace of life and convenience, we end up choosing to use industrialized drinks or bottled water to quench our thirst, right? But, this is a decision that affects your life extremely negatively, bringing numerous risks to your health.

To quench our thirst, we should only drink water, but those who think that all water is exactly the same are mistaken, some do not bring any benefit, others may even be a danger.

There is only one perfect water: Ionized Alkaline. But, why is it perfect? Well, it is considered the best water in the world because it has the 5 essential characteristics for health. Shall we meet them?


High Purity

To be adequate, the water must first have no contaminants or any trace of pollution, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, heavy metals, chlorine or other elements harmful to life.

It needs to go through a powerful filtration system, which in nature is carried out by stones and rocks.


Anti Oxidation

Antioxidants are molecules capable of reducing the oxidation of cells in our body, helping to slow the aging process and the appearance of several chronic diseases related to old age.


Superior Hydration

The molecules that make up the alkaline ionized water are grouped in groups of 6, while those of ordinary water are grouped, on average, in groups of 12 or 13 molecules, this makes the alkaline ionized water to be "lighter" and can reach places that other waters cannot reach, taking nutrients further and hydrating much more.


Extra doses of Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral element that helps the body in cardiovascular, digestive, neurological, muscular health and in several other biological functions. It is one of the most fundamental elements for health and good physical functioning. Its absorption is best accomplished if it is diluted in water, so alkaline ionized water is one of the most powerful magnesian sources available in the world.


Alkalinity and Alkalizing Power

These two characteristics are complementary, one does not exist without the other. An alkaline water without the negative PRAL, responsible for the alkalinizing power, is nothing more than common.

While alkaline water helps your body maintain an alkaline biological terrain so that diseases that proliferate in an acidic environment cannot grow, the alkalizing power is proof that your water will remain alkaline even after being absorbed by your digestive system.

The combination of these 5 unique characteristics is that they transform ordinary water into a super water, capable of making you live longer and better in a healthy, willing and very active way.

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