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Celebrity Secret Revealed: Hydration

13 Sep 2023

Nothing but Water to Satisfy Your Thirst.

As we think about the quality of life, health, and well-being, things like diet, exercise, supplements, relaxation, and even sleep soon come to mind. However, few people give due importance to an absolutely essential item for a good life: hydration.

The term hydration, although it is linked to water, is often used for any fluid intake, and this is one of the biggest mistakes we make. When your body feels thirsty, it is asking for water, not soda, industrialized juices, or anything like that, just water.

But did you know that there are types of water that hydrate more than others? Or that there are healthier types of water than others? Being knowledgeable about this may be the difference between health and disease, quality of life, and difficulties. Celebrities among artists, doctors, and athletes already know the importance of quality hydration and make this secret the best tool to keep health and aesthetics up to date.


The Power of Hydration

An adult body is made up of an average of 70% water, which is why we need to keep hydration up to date. Quality hydration is a fundamental part of several physiological processes, such as:

  • Muscle formation and strengthening;
  • Proper functioning of the urinary and intestinal tract;
  • Disease and even cancer prevention and control;
  • Hormonal and mood control;
  • Blood circulation;
  • And much more.

So the tip is to stay hydrated at all times, even without feeling thirsty. And of course, drink the perfect water.


Common Water x Perfect Water

As we have said, although they all look the same, the types of water available for human consumption are entirely different. Some may even do you more harm than good.

Take, for example, the water available on your tap. It is treated so that it reaches you drinkable, but the methods used to make it fit for consumption are extremely harmful if not removed after the process. One of them is chlorine. This chemical is essential for the elimination of bacteria and other contaminants, although, it should be removed entirely from the water before we consume. The ingestion or absorption by the skin of chlorine can bring numerous respiratory, gastric, aesthetic problems. And even facilitate the development of more serious diseases.

The perfect water needs to have several characteristics such as alkalinity, alkalizing power, antioxidant, high hydration power, being pure, being rich in minerals, a set of aspects that make it the most important nutrient for our body. You can know everything about each item on this list by clicking here.


Loss and Replacement of the Water in Our Bodies

Throughout the day, we lose water, either through sweat or urine, and with it, various other resources of our body are lost, especially minerals. This is another vital function of water, replenishing this loss is essential for maintaining health.

One of the biggest mistakes made by amateur athletes, in general, is forgetting to analyze the quality of water or the liquid they use to hydrate. This is very serious, did you know that? Have you heard of hyponatremia, for example? No? This is a condition of those who have just exercised and therefore lost a lot of sodium. Low levels of sodium in the body, muscles, and nerves stop working correctly, and this can even lead to death.

Therefore, among other reasons, it is necessary that the water is rich in minerals, so that the replacement is done satisfactorily, reducing the risks of pressure drop, cramps, injuries, heart problems, among others. However, be sure to consult a doctor regularly.


The Secret of Celebrities

Hydration has been cited by many media exponents as one of the most powerful tools in maintaining health, losing weight, and achieving a higher quality of life. What's more, each day, the number of people who have ionized alkaline water as the perfect water for that grows.

Why is ionized alkaline water perfect? Because:

  • It is alkaline: Its pH is around 9 and 10;
  • It has negative PRAL: In addition to alkaline, ionized water also has the power to alkalize the middle;
  • Has reduced ORP: This makes it antioxidant, meaning it helps combat premature aging;
  • It is rich in minerals: With magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium in the ideal measure for daily replacement;
  • Moisturizes up to six times more: Because it is lighter it reaches capillaries that ordinary waters cannot reach;
  • It's pure: It goes through a filtration system that leaves it free of chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

Read this article that tells us EVERYTHING about how the perfect water should be: Click Here.

Who Suggests It?

“In particular, I'm a big fan of ionized alkaline water, I've been drinking it for a long time. I've told my patients a lot about the importance of alkaline water’s pH. I advise everyone to get the water that Acqualive delivers.”

Domingos Mantell Doctor


“If you want to be healthy, you need to drink water. The pH of water is very important, but you have to look at the number of minerals, such as magnesium, that keeps the properties of water on the track. Mineralized water makes all the difference.”

Tonton - Nutritionist


“Alkaline water has changed my life, I am very grateful for the benefits AcqualiveGroup filters have given me. I did the pH test at home, with tap water and water from AcqualiveGroup ionizer filter, the tap water is completely acidic, harmful to our health, the water I drink from AcqualiveGroup filters is pH 9 and 10, ideal for our organism. This water changes the body and helps you lose weight. “

Gil Coelho, Actor


“In addition to the filter's incredible design, it delivers an antioxidant, alkaline, ionized water. I am simply in love with it.”

Carlo Porto, Actor


“The effect of alkaline water on your body is almost immediate. It is an average of 3 weeks to start feeling the changes. You get better sleep, lose weight, have less mental confusion, improve vision, improve attention, and even brain processing increases.”

Henri Castelli, Actor


“If there's one thing I don't leave home without, it's the healthiest water in the world. Much more hydrating water, a perfect alkaline content. Do the alkalinity test yourself to see the difference. ”

Nathalia Ekstein - Athlete


“It is ideal is to consume preferably alkaline water. That's why I chose to use the Acqualive filter here at home! Besides beautiful, it will bring healthier water for us! ”  

Lucilene Caetano - TV Host


The celebrities already know, the best choice is water with alkalizing power, will you be left out of this?


How to Have Access to the Perfect Water?

Acqualive's mission is to bring the perfect water to everyone through our water filtration and alkalinization systems. Following the worldwide trend of water treatment that you consume directly in your home, our filters transform it so that it is completely perfect for your health and quality of life.

With a variety of models for different user profiles, Acqualive purification systems can be supplied with any pre-treated water, delivering pH levels above 8, negative PRAL, low surface tension, pure, mineralized ORP, in short, will make so the water is no longer just an element, but becomes a very important nutrient in your quest to live longer and better.

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